Your Ultimate Guide To Wedding Eye Makeup

Your Ultimate Guide To Wedding Eye Makeup

When it comes to wedding eye makeup, remember coloured contacts

When it comes to wedding makeup, there is something special about the eyes. That’s why colour contact lenses are becoming all the more popular to make that magic day all the more magical.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

You are going to all that trouble and fuss for all the right reasons. When it comes to the finishing touches to your wedding day makeup, there’s a world of opportunity to add something unique. That’s where the very best colour eye contacts Australia has an offer come into play.

This is not just an enhancement. It can be part of a full transformation on your day of days.

The secret ingredient to a sensational wedding day look

With the wedding dress all sorted and the shoes, veil (if you’re wearing one), the earrings and necklace, the wedding bouquet all taken care of, it comes down to the hair and makeup.

Once the hairstyle is looking its absolute best, the icing on the cake is the way the makeup enhances the bride.

colour eye contacts AustraliaPutting on a subtle touch of eye shadow and mascara is the most often ‘go to’ for a wedding day. The mascara is definitely a tricky one to get right. More and more brides are choosing a mascara that’s waterproof because they know that there will be tears at some stage of the day.

Eye makeup is all about looking great and staying great right through the long hours of the wedding day.

Getting that look spot on is a must when you’ve gone to so much trouble with all the other details of which style of dress, hair and accessories you want for your big day.

The secret ingredient is to add some extra spark and sparkle to your eyes and it all comes down to which coloured contacts you want to wear and when you want to wear them.

The wedding photo opportunities of a lifetime

Not everyone would think that coloured lenses can give you the X factor on your wedding day, but they can with just a little imagination and clever planning.

Just think for a moment of the key moments on the big day:

  • There is the preparation and getting ready
  • Putting on the wedding dress
  • The bridal party getting together
  • Getting into the bridal car
  • The arrival at the ceremony
  • The walk down the aisle
  • The exchange of vows
  • The farewell to the gathering
  • Time alone as a couple for official photos
  • Getting dressed for the Reception
  • The Reception and speeches
  • The final farewell as the bridal couple leaves

solotica contactsThat’s twelve of the main items on the wedding day schedule and all of them are great photo opportunities and nearly all are guaranteed to be captured for a lifetime of memories.

What about changing your look for some of those special moments just to keep things interesting and even add another layer to what you’re wearing.

Maybe you start the day with your natural blue or brown eyes and then halfway through the day, you add a new colour to your eyes with a pair of hazel contact lenses for example.

Suddenly, those photos have a new element working for them and the wedding eye makeup and overall outfit looks different – in a really good way.

Then, before the Reception, the bride changes her eye colour again with a different set of coloured contacts that match her going away outfit.

It can be fun to mix and match while adding a special effect to your look in the various settings of the wedding photos.

Making the most on the wedding day

If you are a couple who are all set for a themed wedding, maybe you could get the whole bridal party involved in the wearing of coloured contact lenses.

There’s nothing funnier than goofing around at some part of the day, especially when the wedding photos seem to be dragging on a little long.

Many wedding photographers make it a point to have some silly shots to add a bit of fun and get rid of the stress of the day. This is when an idea like wearing the same coloured contacts can really make for a great round of photos and a huge laugh the whole bridal group can share.

Imagine how crazy and enjoyable it would be for everyone to be wearing the same pair of Halloween contact lenses for a while. The bride and bridesmaids, the groom and groomsmen all in Wolf Eye, Vampire or Wildcat lenses, and all joining in on the joke can make the special day all the more memorable.

That’s one way to make the big day a huge winner.

How quality coloured lenses add to wedding eye makeup

Whenever you think of your wedding and what look you are going for with your wedding eye makeup, remember that coloured contact lenses are there to help you whenever you need them.

The great thing is that they are affordable, can be disposable but offer a whole world of great looks no matter if you have dark or light coloured eyes. There’s always a pair that can do the magic for you.

The only thing to remember is that you need quality lenses and nothing else. The last thing you need is to put your eyes at risk from poorly made coloured lenses even if you are not wearing them on your wedding day.

Look for a supplier who offers well-made coloured contacts that are quality certified and have a trusted record of satisfied customers.

You could even buy coloured contacts for your wedding guests as a little memento of just how much fun and joy it has been to share this special day with them. It certainly beats a box of sugared almonds as a token of the event.

You want to do all you can to make your wedding day a wonderful occasion for you and everyone in attendance. That’s the fun and fabulous thing about coloured lenses – they add a spark of imagination and show your true colours as a couple who love to live life to the full.